When it comes to public safety and securing certain environments, the significant contribution of professionally trained and handled guard dogs no longer needs to be proven.From airports and ports to stadiums, shopping malls and anywhere else where crowd safety can be a concern, the guard dogs from our K9 security units add a layer of protection to our security services.
From screening for explosive materials to crowd control, the highly trained guard dogs on our K9 security teams play an important role.

Security Dogs for Hire

Trained to the highest level of obedience, Hire K9 security patrol dogs show trained aggression towards trespassers, while being entirely safe to operate alongside the general public.

Security dog and handler teams are proven to be more agile and intimidating than multiple static guards, and demonstrate a better responsiveness at detecting and apprehending trespassers.

At Hire K9, we ensure every animal is continually assessed to guarantee excellence and reliability.

Every security guard dog is paired with an accredited handler, to act as a cohesive unit in protecting your property. Just like our dogs, Hire K9 handlers are regularly tested to meet the highest standards for keeping your site secure.

Protect Your Site

Patrol dogs provide a visible security measure for any industrial or commercial site. We frequently work with hospitals, offices, construction sites, factories, warehouses, commercial yards, recycling sites and more.

The specific skills of a dog unit are ideal for:

Open spaces that are vulnerable to illegal trash dumping or no access points
Secluded sites, where a single guard may be vulnerable
Sensing intruders hiding beyond a line of sight
Protecting valuable equipment, goods or scrap materials
Empty buildings or construction projects that may attract squatters
Offices or commercial ventures that benefit from a visible security presence