We offer comprehensive, reliable, and certified Contraband Detection Teams as a global K9 Solution. Hire K9 has built our Contraband Detection Team standards to meet or exceed all national and international standards. Our knowledge and experience allows us to train some the most reliable detection dogs in the industry. This trained paired with our stringent standards allows us to provide our clients with the highest quality and most reliable teams in the industry. All trainers and handlers possess prior law enforcement or military experience and are certified in their respective fields. We believe real world experience cannot be duplicated.

Contraband services for hire

Contraband exists in all facets of our lives. To help identify the problem, we offer a tool to minimize the incidence of dangerous contraband on your property, as well as give you the ability and recourse to act against persons who elect to ignore policy.

Our program is designed to support security and safety programs demonstrating the client’s commitment to an effective contraband control policy. The use of detection canines provides a strong deterrent to the possession, use, or sale of contraband with the same cost-effective, efficient, and proactive tool currently in use by industry and governments worldwide.

What better way to promote health and safety, and limit liability, than by having regularly scheduled random inspections by trained canines? As we search for solutions to continuing reports of escalating violence, drinking on the job, and illicit narcotics use, we offer one of the most successful deterrent programs available.

Legal Use of Detection Canines

The validity of detection canine methodology has been proven in courts of law. Our canine program is openly presented with no hidden agenda.


– Maintain General Liability and Errors and Omissions coverage of our handlers, dogs, and inspectors

– Meet or exceed law enforcement standards referenced in Washington Administrative Code 139-05-915

– Are licensed by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration and State of Washington Department of Health, Board of Pharmacy

– Are trained in presumptive narcotic testing and have available a field-testing kit for illicit narcotic substances

Hire K9 provides canine contraband detection services of work areas; vehicles, vessels, and aircraft of all types; storage facilities; warehouses; and private residences to help ensure that areas remain contraband free.

Our K9 Teams for hire are trained or can be trained to detect:





Support For All of Your Correctional Facility Needs

Hire K9 offers the most comprehensive correctional facility contraband detection capability in the industry. Through intense training, our K9 security teams are able to add an additional level of support for all of our clients’ correctional facility needs.Contraband detection dogs are able to detect and alert the handler to the presence of illegal substances or objects, including drugs and cell phones, allowing the facility security staff to maintain a nonviolent environment. Regardless of the type of contraband, a dedicated detection dog is an effective deterrent for illegal activity in prisons and correctional facilities.